So, what led to the development of Sight Mount? I was considering the pros and cons of mounting a reflex sight on my Beretta. The pros are well known: instant target acquisition, increased situational awareness because of both eyes being open, POA and POI less dependent on perfect technique and let’s be honest in a high stress situation this can mean life or death. Current methods of mounting a red dot on a handgun have one major drawback; they render the handgun dependent on the reflex sight as it’s only way to be accurately aimed, because the rear sight is replaced by the red dot’s flat mounting platform. Device failure in any way means that your weapon is rendered impossible to be accurately aimed, even if taller sights are installed damage or blocking of the red dot’s lens has the same effect. I knew there had to be a better way, and after many design considerations Sight Mount was created.

     So, “What’s different about Sight Mount” you ask? Sight Mount like other current red dot mounts, replaces your handgun’s rear sight, but because of Sight Mount’s design, that is where the similarity abruptly ends. Sight Mount has 2 functions, it’s primary function is simply as a replacement for your current rear sight, but because of Sight Mounts design it not only serves as a typical 2 dot rear sight, it is also a Mil Spec Picatinny rail mounting platform. With Sight Mount a reflex sight becomes a tactical option without the risk of becoming a tragically devastating liability. Tactical advantage is all about options, open sights, a reflex sight, even a small visible or IR laser depending on your situational needs and/or preferences.


With Sight Mount, you have choices.


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